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Advertise your store or garage sale with our durable vinyl “Moving Sale” banner!

Moving Sale Vinyl Banners and Sings Product Details:

✅ Pre-Grommeted Mounting Holes ✅ Indoor and Outdoor Use ✅ Fade Resistant ✅ Made in the USA ✅ Outdoor Heavy Duty 13oz. Vinyl

Our banner is made of durable 13 oz vinyl, which can be used outdoors or indoors.

Our Moving Sale banners and sings are bright, highly visible way to advertise your business or personal sale. Digitally printed in red, yellow and black, the durable 13-ounce vinyl will stand up to outdoor use.

Moving sales are limited by time, and you’ll want to attract attention and guide customers in the most efficient way possible. The bold colors used in our banner are eye-catching and the red lettering against the black background really pops.

You’ll want to draw in customers off the street and into your store, so outdoor mounting is recommended. We carry this Moving Sale Sign and banners in several sizes, which makes it suitable for a variety of mounting locations - from windows to walls to fences. To use your banner most effectively, here are some ideas:

How to use the Moving Sale Banners and Sings in Store:

Large Moving Sale Banner on Building


The metal grommets that are set into the hem of our banners makes them easy to hang on the front of your store space, close to your store sign.


Suspend the banner from a rod or pipe. You’ll want to use as many of the top grommets as possible. Wind rope or cable through the grommets, and tie off on the rod.


For a quick way to put up the sign and take it down on a daily basis, use clips. Simply clip the vinyl to any shallow horizontal surface - such as a thin board or pole. You’ll want to use something with strong grip, such as alligator style clips.


Easy to install and take down. Select a metal hook with enough room to slip the grommet over, while allowing for the extra fabric on the hem of the Moving Sale Sign. With the sign rolled out and flat, measure the distance between each grommet at the top of the sign. Use these measurements to mark the spots where you’ll be installing the hooks. After they’ve been mounted, install the sign from the top by turning it upside down and rotating the grommet down over the hook.

Hooks can also be used to hang your Moving Sale banner on your glass window. Select hooks with suction cups for this application. Follow the same measuring and installation directions as above.

Poles and sign frames:

If you have access to a sign frame or pole, your banner can also be easily mounted. Our moving sale sign and banners are designed with the grommets distributed around the perimeter, which allows them to be attached tightly and securely to frames or poles. Simply loop your rope or cord through each of the grommets, and tie them off on the frame or pole. Bungee cords can also be used for a quick, snug installation.

On the building:

We carry Moving Sale banners in sizes up to 48x120 “. The largest sizes are suitable for buildings with ample wall space for hanging and are the size of a small billboard. For secure mounting of these bigger signs, we recommend that you use large metal washers with screws. As above, roll out the banner and measure off the distance between the grommets. Mark these off on the wall where you’ll be hanging the banner, so that you’ll be able to hang the banner level and tight. Before putting in each screw, slide the washer between the metal grommet and the wall, then tighten the screw. This will limit movement due to the wind, and keep the banner flat and readable.

On a fence:

Our Vinyl Moving Sales Sings and Banners are also easy to mount on a chain link or wooden fence. Our 36x96” size is excellent for this location. For a chain link fence, use zip ties in a heavier weight. Loop one or two ties through each of the metal grommets, and tighten them on the wire.

For wooden fences, you may use hooks or screws. As described above, be sure to measure and mark off the location of the grommets before installing the hardware on the fence. If you will be keeping the sign up for an extended period, or through windy conditions, we recommend that you use metal washers and screws.

Although our Moving Sale banner is usually used for retail, it also makes an excellent way to advertise a garage or yard sale at your home. It will stand out among the usual hand-lettered signs! Our 18X48” size is perfect for this and can be easily put up using any of the methods we’ve discussed above.

Why our Moving Sale Banners provide the best value:

SignMission is proud to use products manufactured in the U.S. at our state of the art digital printing facility in West Palm Beach, Florida. We provide a wide variety of sign products in addition to our vinyl banners and will be able to fulfill your signage needs for all types of projects.

Our banners are made of 13-ounce vinyl. This is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and is long lasting, but affordable, providing you with a quality product at the best price. This weight of vinyl is easily rolled up for storage and is easy to handle.

SignMission prints our banners with long-lasting and fade resistant inks that will remain bright and legible for 5 years of outdoor use. And, unlike metal or wooden signs, our vinyl is easy to take down and put up. You’ll be able to relocate and reuse your vinyl banner over and over.

We use metal hardware for our grommets. Grommets are the eyelets that are set into the hem of each banner. Metal can stand up to the pulling and pressure that hanging creates, and assures you that your banner will stay up and not rip or tear.

Our digital printing provides crisp and attractive graphics and lettering, and our glossy finishes give an extra dimension to the printing.

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