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Advertise your deals with our durable vinyl “Clearance Sale” banner!

Clearance Sale Banner Product Details:

✅ Pre-Grommeted Mounting Holes ✅ Indoor and Outdoor Use ✅ Fade Resistant ✅ Made in the USA ✅ Outdoor Heavy Duty 13oz. Vinyl

Our banner is made of durable 13 oz vinyl, which can be used outdoors or indoors.

SignMission has the perfect signage to draw the shopping public to your sale! With our Clearance Sale vinyl banner, you’ll stand out with vibrant red and yellow lettering and bright print.

Some ideal applications for the Clearance Sale banner

Smaller retail use

Our 18x48” size is perfect for hanging over a single sales rack or shelf. Use the grommet holes to suspend it from the ceiling or the wall. The size will take up a minimum of wall space, as it’s only 18” deep, and won’t take up too much display area.

Clearance sections:

If your shop space has a regular clearance section, our 24x72” clearance sale banner is ideal for hanging from the ceiling to direct customers. With its 2 foot hang, it won’t block views of displays but will still catch attention. This is perfect for sales sections located at the back of the store and will move your foot traffic through the entire shop.

Advertising a big sale:

If you’re having a big sales event, and want to draw customers in from outside, our 36x96” banner is the way to go. You’ll be able to mount it securely on your storefront using the pre-set metal grommets. This size is also eye-catching and effective for roadside use.

Big box stores and outdoor lots

You can still advertise your sale, even if you have a car lot or other outdoor sales space. With our 48x120” size, you’ll have the impact of a small billboard to catch your customer’s eye. Like all our banners, the weight and sturdy construction will allow you to set up your sign securely for as long as you need it.

Vinyl signs are a great investment, as you’ll be able to take them down and re-install them as needed. When you’re ready, simply unroll them and set them up. If your sales area moves or grows, your vinyl clearance sale banner can move along with it.

Banner selection

When you’re shopping for vinyl sign banners, SignMission provides you with a quality product that is manufactured in America and is sold by a company that takes pride in their work. When selecting a banner, construction makes a difference.

All our clearance sale banners are shipped quickly, and our order turn-around is speedy. We are located in the state of Florida, and your banner will arrive when you need it.

Our standard 13-ounce vinyl is long-lasting and easy to work with. With minimal care, you’ll be able to take down, roll up and store your sign for many years.

All our banners are designed with set grommet holes and metal hardware. Your new sign can be hung securely and easily with the grommets that are spaced correctly for its size. More sign means more grommets. This means that you can use a variety of hangers and hanging methods. For indoor applications or outdoor, they can be hung with hooks, clips, nails, ropes, bungee cords or other attachments that will prevent slipping, theft, and flapping.

We use quality inks that will remain bright and visible for 5 years of fade-free outdoor use. And, if you’re using your Clearance Sale banner inside, it will last almost indefinitely.

Our banners are made with a glossy finish that keeps the printing looking sharp and the whole banner looking crisp. They’re easy to keep clean with just soap and water.

What are some hanging ideas for my Clearance Sale sign?

Clearance Banner Sign Outside Downtown Store large

Our signs are very versatile. Here are some mounting ideas.

Our smaller clearance sale banner can be used easily in store with suspended ceilings. Simply hang it from the metal ceiling with hooks that are designed for this use.

The metal grommets set into the hems of our banners make them easy to use on your shop walls. You’ll want to evaluate your type of wall, but they can be attached with nails, screws, or clips. There are also hooks mounted with suction cups that can be utilized to hang your banner from windows. Be sure to measure the distance between the sign’s grommets and set your hanging hardware to the same measurements.

For larger banners, it’s likely that you’ll want to hang them with ropes, bungee cords, or something similar - especially for outdoor use. Again, the grommets mounted on our vinyl clearance sale banners make this easy. Use the grommets to loop your rope, cord or cable through, using as many of the grommets as possible. Doing this will reduce movement and make the sign more secure.

Banners may be mounted on the sides of buildings by using screws and washers. By inserting a wider metal washer behind each grommet, you’ll be able to screw the banner firmly against the wall and hold it securely. As with our other hanging instructions, be sure to measure the distances between the grommets, and mark the wall where you’ll be attaching each screw.

For outdoor lots, banners can also be mounted to fences. Chain link fences are a spot you might not have considered, previously, but the grommets in our signs make mounting them easy. You’ll want a supply of zip ties for this application. Simply use one or two ties for each grommet, and wrap the ties around the wire.

Our clearance sale banner can also be suspended from poles or trees. As above, use as many of the grommets as you can to loop the rope through. Larger banners will have additional grommets placed on the left and right edges of the sign that will allow you to keep the vinyl taut and easy to read.

How to take care of your Clearance Sale Banner

The 13-ounce vinyl we use in our sign products will give you long service and easy care. In between uses, give your sign a wipe down with soap and water only - harsh cleaning products can damage the gloss on your sign. When you’re ready to store it, simply roll it up with the print side facing out and keep it out of heat and sunlight.