Aimee's Room Sign

Aimee's Room Sign

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Everybody loves personalized gifts and this is perfect for those kids in your life

Made in the USA these signs are sturdy weatherproof plastic 12“ tall and 12“ wide diamond shaped with rounded corners and 2 cut mounting holes.

Made Tolast

Made from a special plastic desgined to hold up to a beating, This sign can bend with out breaking and will never chip or crack, the colorful lettering will last a lifetime indoors and up to 4 years in the sun for outdoor use.

Safe for A Childs Room

Our signs have rounded edges and our made of a very strong but lightweight plastic so you can hang it in your childs room without the worry of it falling and hurting your child or cutting them with sharp edges.

Product Details:

  • Aimee's Room Sign
  • Pre-Cut Mounting Holes
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Rust and Fade Resistant
  • One-Sided
  • Scratch Resistant treated InkMade in the USA
  • Outdoor Durable Plastic

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